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When I met Kevin for my first  acupuncture session, I was very  depressed, on an antidepressant and  in  a destructive relationship with an  alcoholic. Kevin spent at least an hour  listening to me and asking me  questions  to get the whole picture of  what type of healing I needed. I  immediately felt connected to Kevin;  his compassion and sense of humor  made it so easy to talk to him. And,  after the acupuncture, I was hooked! I felt so calm and grounded - I knew this was the right approach for my healing. After a few treatments, my life has completely turned around. I am completely off of the antidepressant, I am in a career that I love and have just started a healthy relationship! I sincerely believe that Kevin helped to save my life and I will be forever grateful to him.

—CJ Longmont, Co.

When I started seeing Kevin I was being treated with the prescription drugs Lexapro for depression, Ambien for insomnia, Midrin for headaches, and various other-the-counter medicines. I also had severe menstrual cramps, poor circulation, and digestive problems. With the combined treatments of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and meditation, my symptoms have either greatly improved or have been eliminated completely and I am off of all the medications. An added bonus is that I have lost 20 pounds. Kevin has provided me with the ability to live a natural life that is healthier and happier.

—CP Longmont, Co.

I was 28 years old taking medication for allergies,migraines and all kinds of other ailments. I realized I was too young to be having half of these problems. I met with Kevin and decided to do the Having Health Now program. I discovered a lot about myself, what my body needed and what my body didn't need. I feel like a completely new person and am no longer taking all those medications. This program changed my life!!

JI Broomfield, Co.

I first met Kevin at an acupuncture seminar he did at Contours Fitness Center in Lafayette. He got me thinking that maybe he could help with some digestive and emotional problems that I had been having for a long time. I was skeptical at first but then started to realize that my problems were being solved. Changing from narcotics and over the counter medication to Chinese Herbs and acupuncture, I was really beginning to feel the difference. So I took the next step, I began Kevin’s Having Health Now Program. Along with the herbs and acupuncture, I committed to dietary changes, meditation and yoga. Through this program I am learning how to be present in my life and aware of the things around me. Thanks to Kevin’s program, I feel so much better physically and mentally than I have in years.

DG, Lafayette, Co.

As I sat there with Kevin for the first time, I honestly had no idea if he could help me. Without judging, Kevin listened as I told him I was taking extremely high doses of Morphine in the attempt to manage the severe pain I was left in after a surgeon's error. It had been four years since I had undergone my sixth surgery to repair the damage caused by that error leaving me with paralysis, scar tissue, and nerve damage. I had tried everything to manage my pain; narcotics, injections, exercise programs, and even another acupuncturist, and still no relief. I was actually at the point of giving up and accepting that I would always live in pain, and would never again enjoy the things I once did. Kevin, however, seemed to think he could help me achieve my goal of managing the pain without using narcotics or other medicines. In our sessions, Kevin has always been patient with me. I have always felt that I could honestly share my fears, disappointments, and joys with him. Kevin's enthusiasm is contagious. With the effectiveness of the acupuncture sessions, it took us only eight weeks to be drug free. Ten months later, I am still managing my pain with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and absolutely no narcotics. The pain no longer consumes my life, and is now at a level I can easily manage through my treatments with Kevin. I thank God daily for Kevin and his abilities. It is through his hands that I have my life back.

CN, Milliken, Co.

With a severe broken heart in hand, I carried it to Kevin with hopes that he would miraculously and magically repair it – fix it – make it better for me. I didn’t want to wait around for time to heal, and like most people in Western-societies, I wanted a quick and easy remedy. Maybe acupuncture, herbs, and a few kind words would do the trick? These were my expectations. What I didn’t expect was a ten-week journey down the path of true health – true happiness. Indeed, the acupuncture relaxed, the herbs calmed, and the kind words encouraged; but at the end of the day, I was still left with my thoughts, sorrow, anxiety, and a liver full of McDonalds. With the incorporation of meditation, yoga, breathing exercise, and proper diet, Kevin’s Having Health Now program gave me the tools to continue a relaxed and peaceful life in his absence. Having completed the program, I am 20 pounds lighter, my energy level has increased, my love life improved, my business has grown, and though I still feel a bit of sorrow from time to time, my thoughts are clear and focused. Change is possible – mindfulness is the principle – self-respect and dignity are absolute. I made these discoveries in this program. My sincere appreciation to Kevin for all his wisdom he has provided.

—A.Z. Westminster, CO

Having Health Now offered much more than I bargained for. Kevin puts sincere energy and support into designing a program that fit my individual needs. I have gained so much from his program and feel mentally and physically healthier. Having Health Now is the best thing I could have done for myself.

—S.W. Boulder, CO

I've been known to pass out at the sight of a needle, but went to Kevin when Western medicine didn't provide answers to a liver function problem. Kevin is wise and compassionate, and with acupuncture and the Chinese herbs he prescribed, my liver has healed. I've referred others, and I continue treatment, because Kevin challenges and inspires me, and the sessions promote a true feeling of well-being.

—J.F., PTA, CProT

I had a neck fusion about a year and a half ago, which still caused me a great deal of discomfort. One day my friend asked me if I was opposed to seeing an acupuncturist, and I replied, "I would do anything at this point, just to get some relief." Kevin gave me more than relief; he gave me my life back, and then some. After two months of acupuncture treatments, I committed to the Having Health Now program, and feel that between what I have learned from it, in conjunction with the acupuncture I have made some life-long changes that will benefit me forever. I lead a very busy life. Through this program I have found ways to relax through the meditation, develop an exercise program that is not too strenuous through the yoga, and change my eating habits. I feel that I am in far better shape physically (I have lost 24 pounds to date) and mentally than I was 25 years ago which is totally due to Kevin and his program.

—R.T. Thornton, CO

Kevin is an extremely bright, inspired, and committed healer. He works tirelessly to perfect his craft and brings a true heart to his medicine.

—Lonny S. Jarrett, Author Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine

Finally, a balanced healthcare program that provides an opportunity to reclaim health from the inside out! With its intensive yet accessible format and powerful combination of therapies, Having Health Now fills a critical need in alternative healthcare.

—Mary Shackelton, ND Boulder, CO

When I first started treatments with Kevin I was a physical and emotional wreck. I was taking both Celexa and Wellbutrin, eating a high-sugar, high-carb diet, not exercising enough and dealing with digestive problems, depression, extreme irritability, fatigue, and moodiness. On my first visit to Kevin’s practice, I knew that I was in good hands. He is kind, funny, and very patient, but what impresses me most is his knowledge of Chinese medicine, his skill in accurately treating his patients, and his passion for helping others. I began a series of weekly acupuncture treatments combined with a dietary overhaul based on a comprehensive plan that Kevin created, which includes a variety of Chinese herbs, and I started practicing yoga. That was five months ago and now my health has completely turned around. I stopped taking antidepressants altogether, which is a feat my western doctors told me would never happen. At 32, I feel better mentally and physically than I ever have in my life. I could not have come this far without Kevin’s treatments, recommendations, and support.

—E. H. Boulder, CO

Kevin is an accomplished acupuncturist. I have worked with other acupuncturists in the past, but Kevin has clearly set himself apart from the rest. No other acupuncturist I have worked with has had either the understanding or thoroughness that Kevin has.

—Dr. Philip Travaglia, MS, DC Albany, NY

After each of my several treatments with Kevin, the results were indeed positive. My overall physical and emotional health has improved vastly, with a significant increase in energy. Kevin is a professional, kind, and compassionate caregiver.

—J. S. Albany, NY

After months of having Irritable Bowel Syndrome and seeing the symptoms worsen every day, I consulted with Kevin. He prescribed specific herbal remedies and advised me about nutritional changes to help my situation. The relief I experienced was immediate! My symptoms disappeared within a week’s time. I am very grateful for his help.

—D. D. Portland, OR

Kevin is an intelligent, compassionate and deeply thoughtful person. His insight and understanding of Chinese Medicine is inspiring. Kevin challenges us to question long-held assumptions about ourselves and the world in such a way that transformation toward health is inevitable.

—Heather McIver, L.Ac.

There is a great need in our community to draw a cohesive, user friendly thread through the plethora of nutritional and lifestyle information. I think Kevin is the one to do it.

—Eric Meleney, L.Ac.