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The Having Health

Now Program




Why is this program so radically different from any other form of alternative healthcare?


  • It offers a comprehensive    combination of therapies: The program offers a comprehensive and powerful approach to treating a variety of illnesses and is also an excellent means of restoring optimal vitality and health. For ten consecutive weeks, the patient will receive all of the following: a powerful method of acupuncture that integrates the "five element" and "eight principle" traditions, raw herbal remedies, nutritional supplementation, in-depth nutritional counseling, detoxification specific to one’s needs, detailed instruction in stress management including a variety of meditative practices, pranayama breath work and yoga postures, lifestyle counseling, instruction in restorative exercise, and a variety of educational handouts as one progresses through the program. In order to effectively include each of these therapies and give the patient sufficient time to absorb the process, patient visits are longer than normal acupuncture treatments.

  • It promotes profound transformation: If you have been limited by chronic pain, poor health, or emotional liability and feel as if you are in need of radical and swift transformation, then this program has been designed for you. If you are in need of a "healing retreat" but are unable to leave your worldly responsibilities, the structure of this program is uniquely constructed to meet your needs. Finding balance in life is a matter of healing ourselves in the midst of our jobs, kids, and daily duties.

  • It requires and engenders personal commitment and responsibility: Prior to the first treatment, the patient is given a health contract to sign that confirms their commitment to a variety of daily health requirements that must be upheld. Please refer to the treatment schedule below to get a clear sense of what is entailed in the ten-week program. This program has been designed to create daily continuity in one’s healing process. The contractual commitment is based on living a normal life; the daily practices do not require excessive amounts of time. Regular commitment to dietary health, exercise, and relaxation is the missing link for many people who suffer from chronic illness or mediocre quality of life. Holistic healthcare does not only entail using noninvasive and natural treatment options, but a commitment by the practitioner and the patient to maintain in daily life the balance that natural therapies restore. This program is designed for people who are truly ready to step into a new sense of self, one that sheds the habitual patterns that promote chronic suffering and embraces the immediate capacity we all have to restore and maintain balance. If you are ready to take your health and life back into your own hands, Having Health Now provides a supportive and highly effective structure for accomplishing your health goals. The ten-week program requires discipline, courage, trust, and, above all, the readiness to be liberated from chronic pain and disease.

  • It addresses all inputs into disease and treats the whole person: Modern American living is so saturated with forces that counteract the healing process (stress, media influence, environmental toxicity, processed and genetically modified foods, isolated lifestyles, etc.) that this continuity of care is becoming increasingly imperative in order to truly improve one’s health and life. Many of the chronic diseases currently affecting millions of Americans are due to a variety of causes and contributing factors. The Having Health Now program offers a unique combination of ancient and modern therapies that, when combined, thoroughly address body, mind, and spirit, thereby directly treating the root(s) of disease and dysfunction.

  • It provides continuous support throughout the ten weeks that specifically reflects the needs of the individual: Program participants are given a supportive and nurturing environment throughout the ten weeks that encourages deep and continuous growth and restoration.

  • It emphasizes patient education: One is given life-long tools for reclaiming and then maintaining health. Patient education is the most effective form of preventive medicine. Implementing these healing modalities into daily life increases the likelihood of living into old age without debilitating illness and/or a substandard quality of life.

  • It is structured so that the patient never feels rushed through the healthcare process: Weekly treatments are 1.5 hours which provides ample time to discuss and explore all of the factors involved in healing. Even alternative practitioners often feel rushed with their patients because the normal structure of healthcare practices emphasizes patient volume rather than quality of care.

Having Health Now is ideally suited to treat the following conditions:

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Chronic pain

  • Stress management

  • Chronic degenerative diseases

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Cognitive disorders (ADD/ADHD)

  • Menstrual and gynecological disorders

  • Digestive disorders

  • Environmental and chemical sensitivities

  • Overweight/obesity

  • Insomnia

  • Disconnection from life purpose

  • Internal medical conditions

  • Addiction and substance withdrawal

  • Blood sugar imbalance/insulin resistance

Having Health Now is designed to:

  • Increase energy

  • Create optimal functioning in all systems of the body

  • Decrease or eliminate pain from the body

  • Heal depression, boost the mood, relax and calm the nervous system

  • Create balanced physical fitness – optimal weight and healthy body image

  • Aid in the cultivation of mindfulness as a guiding force in one’s life

  • Recharge your entire life


Program Format

The patient meets privately with Kevin on a weekly basis over 10 weeks. The first treatment is usually around 2 hours and consists of a thorough intake, review of the patient's goals, review of the orientation manual, and the acupuncture treatment. A 3 page health contract is also convered that formalizes the patient's commitment to nutrition, exercise, meditation, and yoga. There is also a part of the contract that explains the missed appointment policy and different options if the patient must quit the program prematurely. The following 8 treatment are 1.5 hours. One-half of this time is for acupuncture treatment, the other half is for meditation and yoga practice, along with checking in about the previous week and answering questions. The last treatment is a mini-retreat that lasts about 2.5 hours. During this time, we review the patient's goals and all of the disciplines learned in the program, answer any final questions, and discuss where to go from there.


Case Studies

The following two case studies are real patients (with made up names) from my practice who completed Having Health Now.


Case Study: John

John, a 53 year old male, came to my office with several health concerns. He was concerned that his relationship with alcohol wasn't serving him or his family. He was about 30 lbs. overweight, had slightly high blood pressure and blood sugar, restless sleep, low energy, moderate depression, and a feeling of excessive heat. John was also concerned that he used food as an emotional crutch. He had a tendency to binge eat and he often craved sugar.

Over the course of 10 weeks, John dedicated himself to weekly acupuncture and practiced the yoga and meditation with great enthusiasm. He also began exercising at work and radically changed his eating habits. I prescribed a nutritional supplement for John called Crave Arrest that is an excellent natural remedy for a variety of addictions including alcohol and sugar. I also prescribed Bojenmi slimming tea, a Chinese herbal concoction that helps with weight loss and another Chinese herbal formula called celestial emperor's teapills that helps with depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, fatigue, and a feeling of excessive heat.

By the end of 10 weeks, John looked and felt like a different person. He lost 23 lbs, was sleeping well, had significanlty more energy, normal blood pressure and blood sugar, and no sugar cravings. He had cut down the alcohol consumption to almost none. While John made great strides during the course of these 10 weeks, I consider his progress to be a wonderful means of prevention as well. Some of his symptoms are early indicators of heart disease (high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, excessive weight) , the number one killer in the United States. By committing to Having Health Now, John likely spared himself serious heart troubles a few years down the road.


Case Study: Susan

Susan, a 49 year old female, began Having Health Now with the following health concerns: severe hot flashes, poor sleep, anxiety, high stress, diabetes (blood sugars of 170 even with medication), and an excess of 25 lbs. Because of her anxiety, she found the meditation to be quite challenging, but she persevered. Susan drastically changed her diet, eliminating refined carbohydrates and sugars and eating a more balanced, organic diet. I prescribed a Chinese herbal formula called Jade Nourishing decoction that is excellent for lowering blood sugar and neutralizing diabetes. I also prescribed Bojenmi slimming tea to help her lose weight. Susan worked out regularly at the gym and she did the yoga that she learned in the program several times a week.


At the end of the 10 weeks, Susan had lost 15 lbs., which was very noticeable given her shorter stature. Her blood sugar was down to 120. Her hot flashes were gone and she was sleeping normally. She felt much more equipped to deal with the stress in her life and her anxiety was way down. Susan looks and feels like a new person and is very excited about her newfound health.


I consider Susan's progress to be of vital importance for her long-term health. Diabetes is a serious condition that can cause a host of health problems. Since her sugars were out of control due to poor dietary choices, she was at risk for heart and circulatory problems in the near future. Our goal is to get her sugars down to 105 with continued nutritional guidance and exercise. I may also used other herbal products in combination with the Jade Nourishing decoction.