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Using Food as Medicine


The food we eat is typically either poison or medicine. Our food choices tend to reflect our beliefs about who we are and what it means to nourish ourselves. Having Health Now is about finding authentic fulfillment and satisfaction, not stripping away everything enjoyable. Yes, we emphasize using food as medicine and create specific and practical guidelines for this, but this is not accomplished via temporary diets and deprivation. Instead, these ten weeks are a time to become more mindful of what and how we eat. The more awareness we have around our food choices, the less likely we are to be run by harmful habits. Healing with food is an essential component if true wellness is to be attained in life. The program is an opportunity to establish more empowering dietary habits as a life-long tool for health and vitality. Here are a few themes that are covered during the 10 weeks:

  • The importance of eating organic whole foods
  • Different 'superfoods' and how to incorporate them into our daily diet
  • Optimal food combining
  • Successfullly healing addictions to sugar, caffeine,  refined carbohydrates, binge eating, etc.
  • How to get antioxidants and essential fats into your  daily diet
  • Using food to age gracefully/reverse aging
  • How to make food tasty, convenient, and healthy   (if we can do this, we are set for success!)
  • How to incorporate foods that will balance your  Chinese medicine syndromes