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Business Coaching for Acupuncturists


Kevin has helped many acupuncturists achieve success in beginning or expanding their practice. During 2004, Kevin met monthly with ten acupuncturists in the Denver area to teach them how to achieve practice success by enhancing their communication and marketing skills and embracing a deeper perspective on Chinese medicine. Kevin is available for personal coaching for licensed acupuncturists. He offers a three-hour package in which the practitioner meets with him personally or via telephone if they are out of state. The sessions are one-half hour each and last for six weeks.


Here is what you will receive from this one-on-one training program:

  • Advice on how to set up your practice

  • Marketing strategies that work

  • How to create a powerful word-of-mouth referral system in your practice

  • Developing financial and personal goals for your practice

  • Guidance for practicing in alignment with your purpose

  • Support in releasing any beliefs that will hinder you from success in your    work

  • Constant reminders to stay disciplined and treat your practice as a business, not a hobby

  • How to communicate with your patients so you can develop long-term, genuine therapeutic relationships

  • Focus, passion, and inspiration

When I moved to Colorado last year to open my acupuncture practice, Kevin was the most helpful resource I found. He was full of information, contacts and advice on how to set up and build my acupuncture practice. Not only did he help me decide where and how to set up shop but once I had begun practicing he was a constant resource for my many questions. With his extensive training in both TCM and Five Element traditions, Kevin has a unique style of practicing and teaching acupuncture. Kevin also hosted a monthly acupuncture study group in which colleagues got together to learn from him and ask him questions. Without this support group I would have felt lost many times as a beginning practitioner. Kevin's education, experience, and thoughtful manner lends him to be an excellent teacher and advisor. Kevin always took time to sit with me and go through case studies or go over his favorite herbals formulas or treatments. I am so fortunate to have met Kevin who is graciously guiding me through the first years of practicing as an acupuncturist. Thank you Kevin!

—Lauren Mathews, L.Ac. Denver, Co.

Kevin is not only a gifted practitioner with an in-depth knowledge of Chinese medicine, but he is also a great business person who is well-qualified to coach and advise new practitioners in terms of building a lucrative acupuncture practice. By using both tried and true marketing strategies as well as internal goal setting exercises, Kevin has mastered the art of making a living as an acupuncturist. He eloquently and passionately shares this with others in a very inspiring way that brings great benefit to his students.

—Jane Gregorie, L.Ac. Denver, Co.

Kevin is an extremely bright, inspired, and committed healer. He works tirelessly to perfect his craft and brings a true heart to his medicine.

—Lonny S. Jarrett, Author Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine

For more information, please read Kevin's article, Why Business Coaching Is So Important For Alternative Health Practitioners