An Intensive one on one healthcare program custom-designed to transform your health and recharge your life.



Acupuncture     Herbal Medicine     Mindful Meditation     Pranayama  

Nutrition    Yoga     Restorative Exercise     Lifestyle Counseling  

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the program challenging? Yes, but the program requirements are specific to your unique needs. The challenge is attainable, positive, and inspiring.


What if I don’t want to commit to the whole ten weeks? In this case, it is better to pursue regular acupuncture treatment, which does not entail the same commitment. Kevin treats many patients who are just coming for acupuncture treatment.


Where are the treatments held? In a tranquil and professional office setting in Superior, Colorado.


What are the dietary changes that I will be making? An organic whole foods diet will be tailored to your specific needs.


Are the treatment sessions private? Yes, all treatments are done on a one-on-one basis and confidentiality is always guaranteed.


Are there any side effects to any of the program’s therapies? Side effects are extremely rare. There are occasions where acupuncture will create initial healing reactions such as increased emotion, temporary energy fluctuations, or minor dizziness after treatment. Rarely, patients will have reactions to herbal formulas such as skin rashes, dizziness, or nose bleeds. These situations are rare and not necessarily negative; typically they are the body’s attempt to adjust to treatment. Meditation can create heightened emotion or a temporary increase in anxiety, as one gets used to sitting still and being in silence. Yoga is a very safe form of exercise if practiced appropriately. Muscle strain can occur if one moves too quickly in or out of poses or if one pushes too far.


Does acupuncture hurt? Acupuncture should not hurt. An occasional prick is felt upon needle insertion, but it tends to be subtle.


What happens when the program is over? We will decide at this time where to go from there. There is a Having Health Now 2 for those who would like to go deeper in their quest for optimal health. During the second round, the patient comes for treatment every other week over 20 weeks. Many Having Health Now graduates have benefited from a maintenance program with just acupuncture as well.


Is the program covered by many insurance plans? The only part of the program that is potentially covered by insurance is acupuncture. Kevin is in network with Kaiser Permanente, Rocky Mountain HMO, and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Please call Kevin to discuss insurance details. Some insurance companies accept out of network providers. In this case, a super bill is given to the patient and they can seek reimbursement through their insurance carrier. It is always a good idea to call about acupuncture coverage, as many patients have been surprised that they do have partial or full acupuncture benefits.


How do I know if the program is right for me? You are welcome to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with Kevin and ask questions about the program in relation to your health concerns.