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Why is Business Coaching so Important for Alternative Health Practitioners?


I believe that there are 2 main reasons why 50% of acupuncturists are no longer practicing within 5 years of graduation:

1) They were never taught how to effectively run a business.
2) They never established a deep connection with a style of Chinese medicine that reflected their core values.

Running a successful practice requires passion, perseverance, and practical skills. Many of us have to cultivate these qualities as we build our practices. This entails making the business aspect of your practice inseparable from the healing aspect of your practice. You have to take a keen interest in marketing, bookkeeping, etc. or you will be leaking energy from your practice. Likewise, the foundation of your work has to be based on your purpose coming to fruition. Chinese medicine is the vehicle you have chosen to carry out your purpose, but you may not have discovered what you really needed while you were in school. Therefore, it's easy to perpetuate mediocrity and a casual attitude about Chinese medicine and your practice because you never felt truly 'sparked' by it to begin with.

I believe that many acupuncture students are drawn to the 5 element model because it offers a profoundly personal glimpse into both patient and practitioner. It is a holographic model for healing that can greatly assist us in overcoming harmful habits and beliefs.

Many TCM students never go very deep into the 5 element model, instead relying on what they learned in their TCM training for the duration of their practice years. For many acupuncturists, this has led to burnout, as the TCM model is often based on protocols and symptomatic relief. Many acupuncturists crave a more spontaneous, poetic, and spiritual perspective to utilize in their work with patients. Without this, their passion is never stoked and their perseverance will dwindle into will power.

By learning a variety of business skills and combing this with an approach to Chinese medicine that unifies TCM with the 5 elements, I believe that many, many acupuncturists would find a much greater level of success in their chosen profession. That has certainly been my experience. I had to learn the hard way, by enduring 3 long years of TCM school and then bumbling around with my practice for some time, not really knowing how or what to do to get things going in the right direction.

My goal in offering this coaching series is that you don't have to make the same mistakes I did. I now have full weeks in my practice and it looks like 2006 will be a breakout year and that I will have to turn away business (or else hire someone). I believe there is a much more direct path to this than most acupuncturists take.

This is what you will discover by signing up for coaching sessions with me.

Coaching Options and Costs

One Hour Coaching Consult $80.00

Six Hour Coaching Package $420.00

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