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Chinese Herbal Medicine


Chinese herbal medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. Kevin's pharmacy consists of raw and powdered herbs, along with patent formulas that are taken as tablets or capsules. Chinese herbs are a wonderful complement to acupuncture therapy. Most patients take herbs daily as a potent means of reminding the body to restore and heal between acupuncture sessions. Herbal medicine involves extensive study and mastery of hundreds of single herbs and formulas. It is best to take herbs under the guidance of a skilled practitioner, as they will be able to prescribe a formula that is specific to your exact needs. Herbal medicine can often mimic the effect of pharmaceutical drugs without the unwanted side effects. Gradual effects are noticed as the herbs have a cumulative ability to bring the body back to balance. As part of the Having Health Now program, most patients commit to the regular preparation and ingestion of raw herbs. This is the most potent form of herbal therapy and offers the most swift and dramatic avenue for working with chronic conditions.