An Intensive one on one healthcare program custom-designed to transform your health and recharge your life.



Acupuncture     Herbal Medicine     Mindful Meditation     Pranayama  

Nutrition    Yoga     Restorative Exercise     Lifestyle Counseling  

Having Health Now Therapies

Having Health Now combines a variety of safe and effective natural methods that offer a comprehensive and valuable set of tools for achieving optimal health.


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Chinese Herbal Medicine




Restorative Exercise

This combination of therapies is uniquely suited to  comprehensively address the needs of the modern  American. It heals the whole person through diet,  exercise, stress reduction and mindfulness, emotional  and lifestyle counseling, and alternative medical treatment. No matter how extreme life  circumstances may be, this is the kind of program  that will get you back on track. If you seek more  information about the program or the therapies it  utilizes, please email Kevin or call (303) 725-6208.